Make users happy
My mobile is my PC. No muss, no fuss.
My data is present, my applications are installed.

MVDI Mobile Thin clients are computing devices that function as an access device on a network.
Tecnosfera will bring a new generation of mobility solutions to traditional mobile and PC environments using the advantages of the amazing worldwide internet connections.


Make System Administrators happy
Choose OS and applications per user.
Centralized Maintenance.

MVDI broker provides critical connection broker technology for delivering hosted desktops, virtual desktops, applications, and other hosted resources to end-users, simply and securely.


Make System Administrators happier
The whole thing runs on Virtual Machines.
Information on the cloud.

MVDI Virtual Cloud Computing represents the next wave of virtualization and offers significant market opportunities by providing a new, simpler, and much more pervasive platform for on-demand, desktop and application service delivery.


Tecnosfera MVDI enable full Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on your mobile phone.

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